Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gelastic Seizures on BPS

It's an emotional world. 
Big Picture Science, the SETI Institute's weekly radio show, put together an delightful, informative, surprising, and funny program this week on the neuroscience of emotion. Molly Bentley did a good job interviewing me about gelastic (laughing) epilepsy and Capgras delusion, but there are also great interviews with Paul Ekman, Jonah Lehrer, Rachel Herz, and Kathleen Bogart. Find the entire hour-long program here or just listen to Bentley's interview with me here.

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MaoClare said...

Your interview on gelastic epilepsy was great. Especially interesting is the man who emotionally disassociated with his Mother, didn't know who she was when she was in front of him, but recognized her on the phone, and the whole idea that we have an emotional relationship with everything our world.