Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mobile Brain-Training Apps

Brain Trainer Special: fun, yes,
but effective? 

The New York Times ran a bad piece about mobile brain-training apps today. A Workout for Your Brain, on Your Smartphone, by Kit Eaton,  reviewed the gamut of brain app designers from Luminosity to Mind Games, Game Trainer, and The Clockwork Brain. Nowhere in the entire piece does it even question whether these games actually help do anything but improve one's performance at playing them. It would be like reviewing Astrology apps without mentioning that they might not really be reading the future.


jon lupfer said...

It's telling that you picked Astrology (something that almost certainly does not work) as your analogy, rather than, say, Weather (something that works measurably, if not perfectly.)

Sara said...

I think mobile trends are the present and the future in this world maybe tomorrow we don't have personal computers and just our phones, i hope we develop more mobile apps